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Master Kam Tong

Kung Fu :

What is it ?
Styles !
Basic !
Martial Arts & Morality

Tai Chi Chuan:

What is  it ?

How does Tai Chi  work ?
Does Tai Chi reduce stress
What can Tai Chi  do to me ?
Tai Chi Philosophy


Tea & Coffee  

 About Seattle

(206) 291-7536 
(206) 291-1326(cell)

Chinese Treatments :

Chinese herbal medicine(中藥)

Acupuncture (針灸) & Moxibustion   
Die-da or Tieh Ta (跌打)  
Chinese food therapy (食療)  
Tui na (推拿) - massage therapy  
Qigong (氣功)& related meditation exercise  
Physical exercise
Mental health therapy (e.g Feng shui (風水) and Chinese astrology  

50 fundamental Herbs


Martial Arts

Kam Tong (Master Instructor)
at the heart of Seattle Chinatown

617 S. Dearborn St.
Seattle, WA 98134

(206) 291-7536 
(Corner of Maynard Ave  S. &  Dearborn )
( See Map  )

Many Years Experience in :- Tai Chi Chuan, Kung Fu & QiGong  

Click here :-Class/Schedule

(206)  291-7536 (cell)
(206) 223-1326 (home)
(206) 264-9722  (studio)

Welcome to our Classes:- free  for  consultation

by Email 

Master  Kam Tong:- Many Years Experience in Martial Arts:-Tai Chi Chuan & Kung Fu

Master Kam Tong :-His Kung Fu Specialties :-  can help you build your confidence, self esteem  &  healthy exercises  to help you to re build your health . Consult Master Kam Tong.  Free Consultation for first lesson.  - Welcome to  our Class :- for 1st time

Click here :-Class/Schedule



Master Kam Tong at his Studio
Practice His Qigong

Traditional Chinese Medicine was originally developed over 5000 years ago in a pre-scientific era. The ancient Taoists believed that one should live in accordance with nature in order to achieve longevity and personal fulfillment. They believe that the human body is a microcosm of nature. The same forces that create the cycles of the natural world also influence the human body.




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